Scheduled flights:

CuxAir as a virtual airline operates flights that take place at fixed times once or several times a week. Customers are the companies from the district or beyond, which would like to have their own customers and employees travel from A to B in a direct way. CuxAir is the central contact for the respective customers and their passengers in all matters. 

It is planned that the companies will be able to book fixed seat allotments for their passengers, which will then always be reserved for the respective customer without any additional booking.

Possible remaining seats can then be booked by anyone interested in traveling via the appropriate booking channels. The proceeds from this additional income will then be refunded to the contingent customers on a monthly basis and on a pro rata basis in each case, in order to optimize the prices for the runtime-bound bookings retrospectively and for the customer.

Check in times can also be optimized with this offer, as the flights are private flights and although they follow a fixed flight schedule. Thus, the check-in usually takes place via a GAT (General Aviation Terminal) and not via the regular waiting area of an airport.

Ad hoc charter:

Do you need a business jet of a certain size and with a certain range for your management?

CuxAir takes over the complete handling for you, no matter if you want to start from Cuxhaven or if you want to be flown from any other airport in the world to a certain destination.

In this case CuxAir acts as a so-called broker. The flight as such will be carried out responsibly by the airline company commissioned in each case. 

This service is offered automatically after the planning phase and is not the subject of our questions to you, which we would like to address to you on the page "Questionnaire".