Project description

The initial impetus for this project was discussions with Esbjerg Airport (DK) and NPorts GmbH in order to optimize supraregional cooperation and the potential uses of Cuxhaven/Nordholz Airport for potential customers.

The result of the project should be, in the most favorable case, weekly scheduled flight connections, which would, for example, shorten the travel times of skilled workers from Scandinavia or other countries with which our economy cooperates. Of course, through cooperation with partners in the relevant regions, the opposite routes of the rotations would also form a useful addition to the travel behavior in the "plant traffic".

A virtual airline operates like a normal airline and also flies under its own label, but without having to own an aircraft and an operating license for commercial operation of aircraft (AOC) itself. The virtual airline works with approved European airlines that meet all operational requirements and have the appropriate and valid licenses. All partners are subject to the same safety regulations and are under the supervision of the respective aviation authorities.

Independent of these possible scheduled services, it will also be possible for Cuxair's customers and other interested parties to book ad hoc charter flights with business jets, which can then of course fly to individual and international destinations from Cuxhaven and other locations.

For all flights arranged and brokered by CuxAir, the medium- and long-term goal is to use emission-optimized energies as a minimum and as far as possible. In addition to SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), this naturally also includes hybrid and all-electric aircraft, provided they are approved for civil aviation and can be used safely in accordance with their performance data.

This data collection is intended to provide the project participants with an overview of whether the planned service is generating sufficient positive response in the customer groups and catchment areas of the planning partners involved (airports). Only after evaluating the feedback via our "questionnaire", the individual connections will be determined. Subsequently, the expected ticket prices will be calculated in cooperation with the participating airlines.

All interested participants of this data collection will be informed after the evaluation, in order to be able to evaluate the results also under consideration of their own needs.