Destinations e.g.

The map below shows some examples of possible destinations for regular weekly flights. Depending on the emerging requirements, these can be supplemented or combined into so-called triangular flights, or even completely omitted.

Explanation of the 3LC *Airport codes: FCN- Cuxhaven/Nordholz (D) | MUC-München (D) | GTI - Rügen (D) | HUY-Humberside (UK) | ABZ-Aberdeen (UK) | GDN-Danzlg (PL) | WAW-Warschau (PL) | EBJ-Esbjerg (DK) | OSL-Oslo (N) | TRD-Trondheim (N) | AES-Aalesund (N) | SVG-Stavanger (N) | OUL- Oulo (FIN) | VAA-Vaasa (FIN) * All routes shown ex FCN are exemplary and will be based on the reported needs in the final planning. Destinations may therefore be dropped or added during the planning phase. In the long term, however, the route network will remain flexible enough to be able to respond to new requirements in advance.